Health meets Wealth in Penang

HEALTH MEETS WEALTH IN PENANG –  doors will open again to discuss one of the world´s most prosperous and developing cross-section markets of the modern society. The 2nd IHW Conference – a unique, independent networking event – connects industries, science, business and governance linked to Health & Wealth:  healthcare, wellness, tourism, ICT, smart ageing, age-suitable environment, lifestyle, real estate, corporate finance, including all related cross-border opportunities. IHW, one of the foremost interdisciplinary events of the year, touches one of the most important key issues of modern society – the Ageing Challenge. The interest of business, science and governance is reflected – experts from all over the world come together.

IHW Conference - why is it so special

Health & Wealth will meet in Penang: “Pearl of the Orient” to many people, one of the famous islands in South-East Asia. It is renowned for its culture, food and heritage, and developing as an international business center. A perfect match to host an IHW event.

IHW is the first and only International Conference about Healthcare and wellbeing services connected to most attractive complementary sectors, such as Tourism, Smart Ageing, Wellness, Corporate Finance, IT and Real Estate – business as well as consumer-focused.

Due to networking and an interdisciplinary setup IHW will be a very innovative event, and there is a lot of space for know-how exchange and new business relationships.

And all this happens at a unique place – the island of Penang / Malaysia.

Penang’s captivating fusion of old and new has cultivated one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant cities and one of the world’s must visit places – an authentic Health & Wealth location.

IHW is back - the Ageing Challenge will be revisted

CEOs, multinational decision-makers, researchers and professionals from the private and public sector will discuss, how Health & Wealth is exposed in the economy and the society – regionally and globally, now and in the future: which benefits and opportunities are expected, which threats and challenges are to consider, which partnerships may be fruitful.

Once again, TOP speakers from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia will share their knowledge and their opinions. The global Ageing Challenge is in the spotlight, and all its characteristics:

Smart Ageing, Health Tourism and Silver Economy are on schedule – synonyms for innovation, double-digit growth and new market opportunities.

What are the needs and preferences of “Generation 55+”?

Is global business, governance and society prepared for it ?

Networking together, discussing trends and solutions

Modern Care Solutions are sought globally, across borders, and increasingly from American, Asian, Arab and European citizens  – what can be done ? What is feasible and affordable ?

Can corporate finance and private equity accelerate destination-driven solutions ?

And how affects the social and political framework ?

Medical Tourism is highly trendy, and competition is huge. What are the most relevant contemporary issues ? New destinations, new services, new market players ?

Finally, the future of Tourism gets strongly touched by global mobility and Health & Wealth: how Tourism 2025 will look like ? How a destination such as Penang is able to add value and create an individual USP ? Is it in line with the interest of the elderly generation, and their habits, with regard to wealth and retirement management ?

A rare occasion to meet Health & Wealth in the right context, at the right place – Welcome to the 2nd International Health & Wealth Conference (IHW)


To promote and coordinate information, education and scientific studies on all aspects of health and wealth issues and its associated sectors, with special attention to the third age and the ageing challenge, addressing the target groups “consumer”, “business” and “governance”, is one of the key objectives of the IHW Forum.

And here comes IHW 2018 – a key element.

Embedded in a modern, innovative world of high-tech, advanced mobility and intercontinental accessibility, this event is a main instrument to achieve the goals of the IHW Forum ́s global framework

Interactivity is given twice – a double platform with remarkable extension

1) IHW as an interdisciplinary international expert meeting (live platform)

2) All tools linked to the Internet and operated through the organization´s homepage (virtual platform), getting shape through live webinars, expert chat sessions and thematic webcasts

… come, connect and explore.

All kind of stakeholders in science and the industries related to health and wealth are welcome, evaluating new business models, challenges, trends, and creating partnerships.

IHW shares and gives voice to recognized expert speakers from all continents, and their keynotes, experience and know-how should help the attendees to find their way to their individual future linked to health and wealth.

Networking is supposed to start already before the Conference, gives opportunity to organize matchmaking meetings during the event, and may result in sustainable projects, mutual know-how transfer and prosperous partnerships.

Please feel to contact us if you have specific needs concerning matchmaking, planning cross-border and cross-industry contacts, via

See you in Penang !

IHW Forum

Welcome Message

A warm welcome to George Town, capital of Penang and a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

We are delighted that the second International Health & Wealth Conference is being held in our beautiful city.

Penang is the ideal destination to host the IHW  conference for many reasons.

Malaysia has been rated as one of the countries with the best healthcare in the world by International Living magazine. The fact that Penang generates approximately 60% of the medical tourism revenue for Malaysia is testament to the high quality treatment, facilities and equipment available. Our doctors and specialists are multi- lingual, with many trained in the Commonwealth. The broad range of accessible remedies has contributed to making Penang the top destination for retirees who wish to spend their golden years in a warm, sunny climate all year round, with proven therapy close by.

Penang is poised to be the next investment platform for aged care and retirement villages which have yet to take off in this part of the world. Investment in healthy living and wellness is an attractive and budding prospect. Furthermore, Penang is the Silicon Valley of the East, with many electrical and electronics manufacturing plants located in the state. It is also a thriving medical devices production hub which has great potential to be developed into a Medical City with the right investments.

Thus, the combination of health and retirement options, coupled with the available investment opportunities in the State, make Penang an idyllic venue for IHW 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful home and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Tan Seang Aun
Penang Centre of Medical Tourism (PMED)

Welcome Message

It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Health and Wealth Conference, which will be held in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Penang is globally famed as a destination for good medical care and is a top international medical tourism hub. The Penang State Government has a vision to make Penang a Medical City which will encompass not only hospitals but bring together the manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, teaching hospitals and nursing colleges, that can build an entire supply chain.

Beyond Healthcare and Wellbeing services, we aim to integrate attractive complementary sectors, such as Senior and Accessible Tourism, Smart and Safe Ageing, Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Age-suitable Environment and Wealth Management. This complete ecosystem is what the International Health and Wealth Conference is talking about, bringing together global experts, who share their international expertise.

Among top speakers from the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia, are multinational decision-makers, CEOs, researchers and professionals from the private and public sector. Penang will be presenting its healthcare hub, highlighting its diversified industry and its modern facilities both foreign and domestic.

The Penang State Government intends to establish a Medical City encompassing not just healthcare but also health manufacturing, digital economy and medical tourism. Penang has new investments by 3 hospital groups, including a RM 2 billion investment by Island Hospital to build a 1,000 bed private hospital, the largest private hospital in the country. We hope that you have a productive conference and stay in Penang. Enjoy yourself, the best street food in the world.

Lim Guan Eng
Chief Minister of Penang

(July 2017)


* Editor’s Note:

In the meanwhile, as a result of the GE14 elections in May 2018, Mr. Lim Guan Eng has been invited to integrate the Federal Government, serving as the Minister of Finance of Malaysia.

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what people say

“The whole idea of this conference was a good one – because it combined several elements that you did not find in previous conferences I attended”
Ilan Geva (USA)
“I found that the Conference Organizers has been able to bring together leading people in this sector who where able to explain where is the industry is right now and where it is going.”
Jeb Gollin (Israel)
“I welcome this conference, I think it is really important that it develops further – and many more people can benefit from coming together with colleagues from different professional backgrounds and interests”
Prof. Dr. Norma Raynes (UK)
“It was so interesting to see and working together with the healthcare professionals and the global medical tourism industry to find the solutions to the challenges that we face together as one community”
Dr. H. Thukral (Australia)