– Health meets Wealths at Favourite Locations
– Smart Ageing: Technology and Mobility bring Needs together
– Moden Long-term-Care across Borders and Generations
– Age-suitable Environment & Residential Tourism
– Healthy Ageing: Wellbeing Solutions and Preventive Measure
– Reallocating the Private cost of Ageing 
– Safety and Age-friendly infrastructure for Senior Citizens
– Evidence based medical tourism
– Collaborating, partnership and consolidation in MM2H
– Role and Uniqueness of Hospitality in Healthcare
– Customer Locality in Medical Tourism
– Wellness and Healthy Living in Senior Communities
– E-Health meets Ageing in Place; tools, benefits and limits
– Care home facilities in Southeast Asia – Culture and Trends
– Silver Economy and Mobility of Consumers – Niches and Opportunities
– Private and Corporate Equity providing “Health & Wealths” Solutions
– Global Retirement Schemes, Insurances and Protection for Elder Citizens
– Destination Branding targeting Senior Travelers
– Favourite Places to Retire 
– Second Residences abroad – options and visions
– Synergies of Health Tourism in Malaysia