Health & Wealth will meet in Penang next year, and we are sure that both will have a pleasant and efficient time. And hopefully, you too.

Globalization and mobility continue to accelerate our digitally painted world since the beginning of the Millennium, as well as after our first IHW Conference in Portugal, 2015. More recently, peace, personal safety on the one side, and increased awareness about financial issues and living costs on the other side are causing restlessness in our society. Consequently, these both thematic areas have entered into the proven roadmap for IHW, when we started to design the new frame for the next International Health & Wealth Conference. And we hope that refreshed and new thoughts, links and projects will arise for all participants.

Inside the “IHW box”, Healthy Ageing and Wellbeing are forming a trendy area with huge demand. Exactly one year ago we launched a very interesting Webinar Series about these topics, and stakeholders from all over the world learnt from the insight knowledge and expertise of global market experts and researchers. Briefly, the second stage of our webinar sequence will begin, and some content will be present at the next IHW Conference.

Economic sectors affected by “Health” and “Wealth” are naturally carrying the worries, hopes, chances and opportunities worldwide. This is valid for governments, industries and the single individual person – especially when we are entering into mature age. After all, the Ageing Challenge will continue to be the number one challenge on the globe.

Let´s add an environment of stimulating networking, cross-border exchange of experiences and the fascination of interdisciplinary working, and then we are already arriving at IHW 2018, the 2nd International Health & Wealth Conference.

We are missing one determinant factor – location !
The symbiosis of health and wealth finds breeding ground, when we are feeling well at a certain place. The allocation of premium services and facilities can show this today, and the consequences will be still more evident in the future. Health meeting Wealth at favourite places brings the economy forward, provides positive repercussions on the resident population and caters satisfied consumers (and investors). Tourism is a good example. Not without reason, modern destination management highlights more and more the wellness / wellbeing options for travellers as a decisive influence factor.

Penang, therefore, is an ideal choice for hosting the 2nd IHW Conference. The multicultural ambiance, peaceful living, tropical surroundings, accessible prices and the heartful welcome on the island are outstanding. Infrastructure and wellbeing facilities have grown along the last decade, and nowadays, Penang is one of the top destinations worldwide for health and medical tourism. And it can develop to be a leader regarding the whole “Health & Wealth” ecosystem.

At the moment, we are privileged to enjoy one of these “Penang moments”, attending the PMEX 2017 Conference & Exhibition, where the future path of Healthcare in Malaysia is being discussed, providing some regionally coloured leads for the upcoming IHW Conference. A good and healthy omen for IHW 2018.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Penang in October next year !

IHW Forum
Penang, 10 November 2017